Add the Customer account section

Options to add the customer account app to the default Account view in Shopify:

1. Use your theme's Add Section or Add Block feature.

In the theme customizer, under the Template section, you may see the ability to Add section or Add block within a section. Simply select the Bloom Commerce Customer Account option and drag it where you want it to display on the page. 

2. Add a small code snippet anywhere in the Customer Account section. 

To add the customer account section to the built-in Shopify account page, add this code snippet to the customer account template:

<div id="bloom-customer-account-view"></div>


Custom style overrides

If you need your developer to override the styles of the Customer account app, then:

  1. Add the custom CSS file to your theme's Asset folder.
  2. Add the file name of the custom CSS file to the App Embed settings.