A group is a collection of members, these members are in the same tier and have the same preferences. An example of a group would be your Legacy Club's Reds Only members, Legacy Club is the tier and Red's Only is the preference. Bloom created groups to allow you to easily see the breakdown of preferences in your tier. (edit?) 

When a tier is created you will have 1 group to begin with. Additional groups are created by additional preferences, the more preferences you have in your tier the more groups possible. When your members can only choose from either Red's Only or Mixed then you'd have 3 possible groups. If you then add in a quantity preference of 3, 6, and 12 bottles then you now have 7 possible groups. 



You can edit the group name at any time via the Tier Settings page.



To remove a group you have to first remove the preference that created the group. For example if you want to remove the 12 bottle groups then you'd need to remove the 12 bottle preference. If a member can't choose a 12 bottle preference then there will be no 12 bottle group. 


Admin Only

If you have special clubs then you set a group to only be available via the admin portal. This way a member can only be in that group if they are assigned by the club admin. This could be used for Friends and Family groups or for special offerings.