Bloom 1.0 offers  a powerful new way to review orders no matter where they were created. Combining the most important features of Shopify's order view with new Bloom filters you can now easily see what orders need your attention. New filters include additional sales channels making it easier to find orders. 

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We've created additional filters to make it easier for you to find that order you're looking for. 


Just like viewing orders in Shopify there are tabs at the top of the screen that allow you to quickly sort orders. In Bloom we currently have a Members and Not Compliant tab. Members allows you to only see orders placed by club members. The Not compliant tab will only show orders that failed their compliance check.

Sales channel

The sales channel filter will allow you to filter orders by where orders were placed. With additional categories not offered by Shopify these filters can be helpful if you are looking for orders created outside of the Online store or Point of sale. Bloom currently offers the following sales channel filters. 

  • Online Store
  • Shopify draft order
  • Point of sale
  • Bloom batch 
  • Bloom draft order


This filter is for our clients using a compliance integration. While you can sort compliance status by tags in Shopify this filter removes the need to do that. You can easily see orders with compliance errors or issues by using this tab. You can filter by the following compliance statuses. 

Order detail 

  • Bypassed
  • Voided
  • No alcohol
  • Error  


The status filter offers two different categories of filters; Payment and Fulfillment. Using these filters you can add filters to find orders with a certain fulfillment or payment status.

More filters

The More filters option allows you access to all the filters above but also the delivery method filter. 

Order detail

To see more details about an order just select it. This will bring you to the order view, here you will see more details about the order including compliance information and products in the order. There is also a link to see the order in Shopify if you'd like.