After packages are created in a release there can be many reasons you might want to make edits to many packages at once. For instance, if you need to swap out a product in every package. Or, the maximum number of products that can be selected in a package needs to change for everyone, on every product. Whatever the reason behind the edits Bloom has powerful new tools that allow you to make all the changes you need.


Video overview:

Packages listing view (0:01)

This is a global view of all your packages. You can search for a specific customer, or filter by release or group. Then filter by status, or if the package was customized or not. Once you've applied your filters you can also change packages in bulk, changing packages to Skipped or completely removing some packages from the release. 

Manage release packages (4:35)

This view is within the context of a single release and displays every line item in each package. This is helpful if you need to manage a single product or property of a product, like quantity. Utilize the same filters as the Package listing view but now you can edit the individual line items within each package. Bulk edit changes include updating quantities, add products to certain packages or remove items in bulk. 

If you are looking to swap out the quantities of a particular product you can filter down to only that specific product to make your edits.