The member profile is where you can find detailed information on specific members in your club. This could be as simple as finding and changing their membership status or seeing their total club spend. You can also create orders from the member profile. All memberships will be displayed here and you can view each membership separately. 


Customer Overview

The customer overview details the member's contact information and any notes about the member. It will also indicate if the customer has an activated Shopify account. 


Customer insights

This section displays a members lifetime orders. This is broken up into lifetime orders and membership orders. You can easily see those orders by selecting the link the righthand side.


Membership and status 

The Membership section lists the tier and group that the member is in. The edit link the in top right allows you to easily adjust their tier or group if need be. 

A member's status is indicated in the section below the Membership box. This will tell you the current status of their membership and the last time it had changed. For a new member that will be their join date, otherwise it will note the last date that the status was changed. 


Payment method  

This area displays the current card on file for the member by listing the last 4 digits of the card number and the expiration date. You can edit the card on file by selecting Edit in the top right corner of this section. 

Learn more about payment methods


Delivery method

The delivery method for the membership will display in this section. It will be marked either Delivery or Pickup along with the associated address. For Delivery members it will be their shipping address and for pick up it will be their pick up location. 


Billing address 

Here a member's current billing address is displayed. If missing it will off an option to add a billing address


Gift memberships

If the membership if a gift membership it will be listed here. If it is a gift membership the gift recipient's information will be here along with the expiration date. 



The last 4 orders placed by a member will display in this section. You also have the option to see all orders placed by the member as well as creating a new order for the particular member. 



Here you can view or add any notes attached to the membership. 



This section will display any batches that the membership has been included in. 


Additional Memberships 

If this member has additional memberships those would be displayed here. That included allocations and subscriptions.