The packages section will list all packages created for your store. Here you can search for a particular member's package or filter packages by release, group, package status and more. Once filtered you can change the status of multiple packages at once using the bulk editing features. 


Once in the package view you can filter packages by the following categories 

  • Release
  • Customization 
  • Status
  • Group 
  • Fulfillment 

Bulk Actions 

After selecting multiple packages, you will see the Actions button. By using this button, you can modify the package statuses collectively or remove packages from a release.

Currently, you have the option to change the package status to either Skipped or back to Open from a Skipped status. When a package is marked as Skipped, it means that those selected packages will not be included in the batches processed for that release. Changing the status back from Skipped means that the packages will become eligible for processing in batches again.

Removing a package from a release removes it from the list of packages for a specific member. This is useful, for example, when a member has recently joined and has already acquired the wines included in the package being released