Preferences are used to provide members different options when creating a membership. Members are then organized into groups based on their preferences. Some tiers might have multiple preferences to choose from and others none at all. 


Adding preferences

If you'd like your club to offer additional options to your members then you can create them with preferences. For example if you'd like to offer members of your 6 Bottle Club the option to have either a mixed selection or a selection of all red wines you could do that by adding a  Wine type preference. 

  • How to  - Video? 
  • Preference Name
    • This is where you will explain the preference, it can be a number of items, the type of product or something else. 
  • Preference Values
    • Here you will define those preferences, for example if the preference it quantity then here you would define the quantities your members can choose from


Edit & Remove

Editing your preferences is as simple as selecting the Edit button on the righthand side of the preferences box. You might want to edit your preferences if you notice that one isn't being used, or if you are looking to restructure your club.


Editing a preference can affect the groups associated with it. If a you have a Red Wine preference and you remove it then members who were in that group will be moved to the default group and their preferences cleared - CHECK