Answer why we have selling plans and how they create the options on the Shopify product.

Selling plans allow you to specify how subscription products can be sold and purchased on the store. They allow you to associate discounts with subscription frequencies and reuse those associations for multiple products. 

Selling plans are a combination of "purchase options" and products. Purchase options are groupings of frequency and discount, and these options can be associated with multiple products, creating a selling plan.

Walk through UI steps to create a full selling plan (Purchase options and products)

To create a selling plan:

  • Open Bloom Commerce
  • In the navigation panel on the left-hand side, click "Subscriptions"
  • Once the subscriptions page is loaded, click the sub menu item "Plans".
  • Set up the "purchase options" you wish customers to be able to use:
    • Click "Edit" on the card to manage Purchase options
    • On the following screen, add the possible combinations of frequencies and discounts you wish to be able to offer clients. Note that it's possible to have both percentage-based and flat discounts.
    • Save once you have created the purchase options. You should be returned to the "plans" screen.
  • Associate those purchase options with products
    • In the "Products" card below the purchase options card, click "Add product".
    • Select which products you wish to enable subscriptions on. Click "Save".
    • This new product will now have a badge saying "No purchase options". This means that a product does not yet have a selling plan and so cannot yet be subscribed to. We must associate it with one of our previously-created "product options" to allow customers to subscribe to it. 
      • Click "Set up".
      • A modal will now appear. Select what purchase options you wish to associate this product with. 
      • If you want to allow only certain quantities to be purchase, under "Quantity options" click "Custom product quantities" and enter a comma or dash-delimited string of quantities (ex: "1,3,5" or "4-8"). Otherwise, a user may subscribe to any amount of product.
    • Click save.

The products will now be associated with selling plans. Make sure subscriptions are "enabled", as seen on the card on the right-hand side in this view. If you have turned on subscriptions in the theme customizer, these subscription options will now be visible on your Online Store.