Scenario: We want to provide our customer base with the option to have their wines shipped twice a year or four times a year.


  • Customers is able to choose what option is best for them
  • Allows the winery to be proactive with shipping logistics
  • Lessen the amount of customer support emails & calls


Set Up Preference Groups in Tier:
*set up preference groups after member tier is created. view how to set up member tier here.

  1. Within the member tier screen, click the ADD PREFERENCE box in the preferences section at the top. 
  2. Preference name = Frequency (can also say Shipment Frequency)
  3. Preference Values = list of frequencies you'd like to offer your customers Ex: Twice a year, every other month, or Jan, Apr, Sep, Dec
  4. Click DONE when finished, and SAVE in the top right corner. *Note: If done correctly, you'll see a list of groups below.
  5. Turn on the preferences display for the website. This will signal preferences to appear when the customer is joining the club. 

After they join, you'll see they were put into the correct group. Please note, you are able to offer as many preferences as you would like.


Learn more about membership tiers.