It is common that you need to attribute a membership sign up to a staff member. For instance, if you have a retail location and you want to pay commissions to your employees for signing up new members. Or, if you need to track membership revenue generated by a single employee using Shopify Sales Reports. You can setup your staff members in Bloom Commerce settings, then select a staff member as the referrer on a membership.


Gather staff user IDs

You first need to collect your staff member user IDs from Shopify settings, as they are used as the unique identifier for the staff member. 

  1. In the Shopify admin, navigate to Settings / Users and permissions. 
  2. Click on a user to load their details
  3. Notice the user ID at the end of the URL, highlighted in the image below. Copy that ID number and save it as you'll need to use it later. Consider saving all user's names and ID in a spread sheet or text file so they are easy to find later. 



Create the staff user configuration

Now that you have all your user names and IDs ready to use, you need to create a configuration file. This file is used by the Bloom Commerce app to connect Shopify users to memberships. Here is how to create the file.

  1. In the Shopify admin, navigate to Sales channels / Bloom Commerce / Settings / General 
  2. Scroll down to the Shop Users section where you'll see a field for JSON configuration. 
  3. Add your users using the exact syntax displayed below. An example code snippet is below if you want to copy it as a starting point.
  4. Save your settings. 


Code snippet to use as a starting point.

"Employee One" : "1234567890",
"Employee Two" : "1234567891",
"Employee Three" : "1234567892",
"Employee Four" : "1234567893"


It is recommended that you don't use a word processing application like MS Word, or Google Docs for this configuration. Use a text editor like Note Pad or TextEdit on a mac. This will ensure you don't have special characters or other styling that can affect the functionality of the configuration script. 

NOTE: The last shop user does not have a comma after their ID. The last item in the list should not have a comma, but all others should. 


Select the staff member on a membership

Once your configuration script is successfully saved in Bloom Commerce Settings, your staff members will appear in a drop down on your memberships. 

  1. In the Shopify admin, navigate to Sales channels / Bloom Commerce / Members / View all memberships
  2. Find the membership you want to connect with a staff member and open the membership.
  3. On the right, you'll see Staff referral as the last section. Click the Add link and select the staff member from the drop down and save. 


Additionally, we recommend you add the staff member's name to the Delivery method. This is required if you need your staff member's name to appear in Bloom Commerce Reports.

  1. In this Membership view, click the Edit link next to the Shipping or Pick up location.
  2. Type in the Staff Member's name into the Employee Referral field.
  3. Save