How subscriptions are different from Traditional clubs. / You subscribe to a product


Subscriptions allow customers to receive products regularly, generating recurring revenue for your store. Subscriptions offer greater flexibility than traditional wine clubs. With subscriptions, you can configure the subscription frequency and quantity for each product.

- Customers use Shopify checkout / Renewals occur based on their subscription date.

Customers subscribe to products as they would purchase any product from your store, making the process as seamless as purchasing a product online. No extra signup steps are needed. Customers will use Shopify's regular checkout process but will purchase a recurring item. Depending on the subscription frequency they request, they will receive their product that amount of time after they subscribe.

Discounts are tied to frequency only

Customers can receive discounts based on their subscription frequency. Note that we do not currently support discounts tied to different subscription quantities.

Embedded app:

Turn on subs using the embedded app toggle. What this does when turned on or off.

Subscriptions can be turned on in the Shopify theme customizer. To enable subscriptions:

  • Navigate to the theme customizer ("Online store" -> "Customize") for the theme you wish to enable subscriptions on.
  • On the left-hand side click "App Embeds"
  • You should see a toggle switch now for "Bloom Subscriptions". Enable it.

Once enabled, a new form will be inserted on product pages for products which are associated with a <>subscription selling plan<>. Users can now choose whether they wish to purchase the product as a standalone purchase or as a subscription. If you have limited the possible subscribable quantities a customer can choose from, the form will also hide the quantity picker from a user to ensure they can pick only those amounts.

Please note that to use the subscriptions embedded app, your theme must be an "Online Store 2.0" theme, or capable of supporting JSON templates. All newer theme support this, but if you are unsure, read more about online store 2.0 themes here: https://shopify.dev/docs/themes/os20.  

Subscriptions listing:


Subscriptions can be managed in Bloom Commerce. To see what customers have subscribed, click the "Subscriptions" tab on the left-hand navigation panel. This will show a list of all customers along with what product, quantity, and their next renewal data (see below).  

Edit a subscription (basic overview of editing. This will be its own page in the future)

Clicking on any customer will take you to view their membership details. This is also accessible through the memberships tab. Renewals (see below), frequency, and products can be modified per-member from this view. For more details on what this view offers, see https://bloomwine.groovehq.com/kb/3150903234/articles/edit/5671921880 

Selling Plans

Selling plans are how subscriptions are managed. Selling plans let you group together possible frequencies with discounts. These plans can then be applied to multiple products, allowing you to offer consistent subscriptions on a variety of products.

Find out more about how Shopify uses selling plans here: 

Find out more about how Bloom handles selling plans here: https://bloomwine.groovehq.com/kb/3150903234/articles/edit/0625178896


When the time specified by the "frequency" purchase option has elapsed on a subscription, the subscription will renew. Upcoming renewals can be viewed in the Bloom Commerce admin view, under Subscriptions -> Renewals.  To read more about renewals, visit https://bloomwine.groovehq.com/kb/3150903234/articles/edit/5671921880