The settings for each tier allow you customized the individuals tiers to your exact specifications. Whether that is restricting the size of a certain tier or allowing members to skip shipments those settings are determined here. 

Tier Settings 


This setting determines where the tier is available. You can allow members to join on your site or restrict the tier to only your POS system. If you'd like to keep the tier completely hidden you can also do that here. 

Waiting List

If you have a limit on your tier you could utilize this feature for members who want to join this club tier but there isn't space yet. 

Gift Memberships 

If you would like to allow members to give this club tier as a gift you can enable that feature here. If you do decide to enable gift memberships you can add additional instructions for gift givers here as well.

Skip Shipments

Sometimes a member wants to stay in the club but for one reason or another needs to skip a shipment. With this feature you can allow them to skip the upcoming shipment by logging into their account and selecting the "Skip Shipment" option.

Membership Limits

If you would like to place a limit on the amount of members your tier can have you can set that limit here.