Scenario: We release the same wines every year but with different vintages. Do I really need to recreate the release everytime? The answer is no! You can duplicate a release, bringing over the same attributes, then easily swap out products. 


  • Saves time & resources


How to Change Products in a Release:
*release must be set up in order to publish or unpublish. view how to create a release.

  1. Within a release, in package builder, you'll be able to view a complete list of products included in this specific release.
  2. Click EDIT on the product you want to change
  3. In the pop up you'll see the Current product and New product with a button labeled Select product variant. Click that button
  4. Select the new variant. Note: This will exchange the product with any variant you chose. ex: 2020 Chardonnay for 2021 Chardonnay. Or Pinot for Zin.
  5. Click ADD
  6. Click SAVE