Scenario: We offer two first-come-first-serve allocation releases per year. Our allocation list is segmented into four groups based on specific criteria: Lifetime spend, tenor, and release purchase history. Each release is open for three weeks. We want to be able to offer the allocation gradually, starting with our top-tier customer segment and so on. 


  • Members are incentivized to continue purchasing in each release to gain more access to an array of products
  • Allows the winery to be proactive with inventory & communication
  • Allows winery to actively adjust packages of unpublished groups based on purchasing rate of customers.


Individual Group Package Availability within a Release:
*release must be set up with a status of published. view how to create and publish a release.

  1. Within a release, scroll below products to view your groups
  2. Click on the first group ex: Top-tier customers
  3. In Package settings within this group, click EDIT
  4. Click the box marked "Control the date and time that members have access to view/edit their package"
  5. Enter the start date and time you want your customers to have access.
  6. IF this customer segment has access to their allocation the entire release, set end date for three weeks.
  7. IF this customer segment only has access to their allocation for a specific period of time during the release, set an earlier end date.
  8. Click SAVE
  9. Click into the second group
  10. Repeat steps 3 & 4
  11. Enter a start date that is later than group 1. ex: group 1 starts June 1 and you want them to have three days to purchase their allocations, group 2 would have a start date of June 4.
  12. Set an end date
  13. Click SAVE

Repeat for all groups. 

After releases are published, members will be able to see them in their account view. Note: To keep account view clean, we do not recommend publishing more than two releases at a time.

Learn more about releases.