In Bloom, a batch contains memberships that you've selected for processing. Processing a batch will charge your members, create their orders, and email receipts, leaving shipments ready to fulfill.
Your club likely has a few different tiers. When creating batches, it's very common to group memberships. For example, you may process pickup and shipping orders in separate batches. If you pick and pack orders yourself, you might want to place custom orders in a separate batch. Bloom makes it easy to create batches of orders that fit whatever process works for you.



The dashboard gives you an overview of your batches grouped by release. It provides concise charts to show you the life cycle of your releases from start to finish.

Create a Batch

Creating a batch in Bloom helps you select which memberships to process together. You can narrow your selection with filters, and exclude specific memberships as well.

Saved Batches

Once you create a batch, it starts out saved with a status of Draft. You can then generate our new Preflight Report, which will put the batch in Preflight status.

Preflight Report

The Preflight Report is a powerful new feature in Bloom 1.0, and the last step before processing your orders. It gives you a detailed preview of the orders to create and the revenue you'll collect. It can also alert you to potential problems, like a missing shipping rate or a non-compliant order. The links in the Preflight Report help you address any issues before processing.

Creating Batch Orders

Once you have finished reviewing the Preflight Report, you can begin creating orders. This will run charges in Bloom Payments and create orders in Shopify. After this point your orders will be ready to ship.

Processed Batches

The Processed tab contains a record of all processed batches. Here you can view the date each batch was processed, successful and failed payment counts, and the gross total of all orders from each batch

Archived Batches

When you no longer need to refer to a processed batch, we recommend you archive it. The Archived tab will display batches that have been processed and are no longer needed.

Batch order shipping location

There are two ways to define the inventory location for your batch orders.