Creating a batch is the first step in charging your wine club members. When you create a batch you are determining the members you will be charging for their club release. The steps below describe how to create a batch. 


Select groups

After a release has been determined you will decide which groups in the release you will include in this batch. Depending on your criteria you could select one group or up to all groups. For example if you want to charge all your pick up members then you'd select all your groups and then filter down by fulfillment type in the next step. 

Filter package selection

In this step you will select the type of packages you want included in your batch. You can filter by fulfillment type (Ship/Pick Up) and customization (Customized or not customized). Once you've determined this criteria you'll be off to the last step. 

Create a batch

This is the last step to create a batch. Your batch will be associated with a release but you might still want to chose a name that denotes the members within it. 

The batch is then saved with a Draft status in the Saved batches tab.