A release is the products you offer to your club at a certain time. The releases ends when you've processed your members as a batch or in batches. When you create a release you decide what membership groups will be included, what products they will be able to access and when that release will be visible to them. Releases occur over a specific time period and once processed you'll need to create a new one for your next release. 

In this article 
  • Tier types
  • Release settings
  • Adding products
  • Adding groups 
  • Group availability 
  • Group customization
  • Default package



Release tier types (0:59)

There are two types of releases, Traditional and Allocation. The traditional release is one that were the members agree to receive a fixed amount of wines at regular intervals during the year. This could be wines the member chooses or those that are chosen by the winery. The allocation tier is one where the member has the option but not the obligation to buy the wines allocated to them during a certain time period. 

Release settings (1:12)
  • Status 
    • Unpublished - Members cannot see or access this release 
    • Published - Visible to members and if allowed the members can make edits to their packages 
    • Archived - This release has been processed and is no longer visible or active 

Release products (2:03

This is where you choose the products that will be included in your release. If you have multiple groups in your release you'll want to ensure that all the products those groups will need are included. Later you can determine which products each group can see when you set up the packages for the group. 

Release groups (3:00)

Here you will decide which groups will be included in the release. Depending on the release this could range from one to all of the groups in your club. 

Setting up groups (3:50)

There are a couple initial settings to determine when initially setting up the group.  When setting up a group you can determine when those group members can see the release they are in. The second setting is to determine if the members can customize the package they are receiving.

Once you have determined your settings you will then set up the default package for the group. Here you will determine what products will be visible to the members and which products they will be receiving in their release. If the members can customize their package you will also determine the quantities of the different wines that they can select from. 

Group availability (4:10

Here you can determine when the specified group can view their release. You can either allow them to view the release as long as it's published or determine a smaller time window that it'll be visible to this particular group. 

Group Customization (4:48)

This setting determines if this group can customize their packages or not. The default setting doesn't allow customization. If you turn on customization you'll be prompted to decided if you'd like a minimum number of selections or certain dollar amount to be met. If the member is under this amount they won't be able to update their selections. You can also provide maximums as well. 

Applying settings to all groups (5:30

This button allows you to apply the settings in the current group to all other groups in the release. 

Defining your default package for the group (5:40

Here you will set up the default products that all members of the group will receive. If the group is allowed to customize their selections you will also set the quantities available of each product for the group. This is also where you can exclude certain products from the group if you don't want a particular group to have access to them.