You may need to manage access and use of your discounts. For instance, when a discount shouldn't be used anymore, by any customer, but you still want the discount to appear in Bloom Commerce for future usage. Or, you'd like a discount to turn off at a certain date and time. These are what Discount statues are for. 

When viewing a discount in Bloom Commerce, click the Edit link in the Status section on the right, under Discount Settings. The Discount status modal interface will display: 


Discount status types

After creating a discount, the status will be automatically set to Unpublished. That means the discount is not created in Shopify and not available to your customers, but it is still in the Bloom Commerce system for future use. 

When a discount is set to published it will be created in Shopify Discounts and will be available to the customers that meet the criteria of the discount. These are automatic discounts that do not require a discount code. 

If an expiration date is expired, the discount will be switched to the Expired status. These discounts will still be published to Shopify Discounts, but marked as Expired. Expired discounts are not available to any customers. 


Expiration date

In the status dialog, you can set an expiration date of the discount by clicking the Add an expiration date and time link. Enter the date and time you'd like the discount to automatically expire. After you save the status you'll see the expiration date on the discount.