Setting up a release can be a time consuming affair. The release duplication feature allows you to copy some or all of that work into a new release for your members. This can cut down on the work needed to create new releases. The duplication could be as simple as keeping the same groups in this new release or as much as retaining individual member's selections from the previous release or something in between.



Duplicating a release


The most basic option, this will copy the release date to your new release 


This selection will include all products in the current release in your new release 


By selecting Groups to duplicate you will add all of the groups in your current release to your new release 

Package settings 

When duplicating package settings Bloom will automatically duplicate products and groups as well. This allows you to copy all the default packages and any customized content for those groups to your new release. You cannot choose which package settings to include, all package settings will be included. 

Existing packages including customized packages 

This option will copy over products, groups, package settings and any customizations that members of the groups in the release have made. If you want to transfer all member customizations to your next release than this setting will allow you to do that. 

Release content 

By selecting this option you will copy over any customizations you have done to the release content to your new release. This can be handy if you've made extensive edits to the content fields.