A member's delivery information informs how they will be receiving their club releases. Depending on the membership tier the member is in this can be either pick or shipping. A tier can have both options or can be limited to only one. If both options are offered a member can change their shipping preference by logging into their account and editing their shipping information.


Ship to customer

A member who has chosen to have their club orders shipped will have their address listed here. The address should include a phone number and date of birth for US customers. This address can be edited by the admin or the member if they login. Addresses saved to the member's Shopify profile will be available to use or you can add a new address if needed. 

Customer pickup

If the member has chosen to pick up their products then they will have one of the pick up locations selected here. These will populate from the pick up locations you have listed in Bloom settings. You can offer more than one pick up location if you'd like.