Status overview

Bloom provides the ability for admins to change the status of a membership. They are mutually exclusive, meaning you can’t have a membership with multiple statuses. Changing a membership status allows admins to control what memberships will be batched, if gifts are processed and shipped, and what memberships receive benefits. You can easily switch a membership between status, even changing a canceled membership back to a current status.

  • Current: The membership is active and not one of the other statuses below
  • On hold: Controlled by start and end dates, on-hold memberships can’t be batched, and but will receive discounts on orders. -
  • Waitlisted: Memberships that are waitlisted won't receive discounts, and also can’t be batched
  • Expired: These are gift memberships that have expired and will no longer receive gift shipments
  • Cancelled: The membership has been cancelled. You can add a reason when cancelling the membership.

To place a current membership on hold on a date in the future, keep the membership on the Current status, but add a start date (and end date if you want) for when the membership should go on hold. Then, at midnight on the start date, the membership will automatically be switched to On Hold. Similarly, if an end date is added the membership will switch to Current at midnight, on the end date listed.