If you are utilizing Traditional or Allocation type tiers, memberships are created when customers join a tier. Memberships then have packages created for each release, then batched and processed. Once orders are created, members will receive an email letting them know their membership was processed successfully. A member can have one or more memberships if you have multiple clubs. 

Adding Memberships

Members can add their own memberships using the website. There are times when winery owners need to add new memberships through Bloom. One example is if a customer in a tasting room wants to join. You can use Bloom to add them. 

Member Profile

A members's profile will give you information about their memberships, shipping preferences, billing information and more. You can find a member profile by searching the member's name in the Membership view. 

Changing Membership Status

There are 5 different membership statuses; current, on hold, waitlisted, expired and cancelled. You can edit a members status in their Bloom profile. 

Billing Information

In member profile article? 

Fulfillment Information

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Gift Recipient Information

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Membership Notes

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