The release dashboard is a simple way to take a quick look at your current and upcoming releases. You can also view specific releases by utilizing the filtered views at the top of the page. 

Each release will be displayed on an individual release card. The card will display the release name, date and release status. These cards will allow you to easily edit a release, access the release's packages, view batches for the release and more. 


Release Status (0:26)
Unpublished - this release is not yet visible to members in the release
Published - this release is available to members in the release and they can make changes if allowed.
Archived - a release with this status has been processed and is no longer active.

Release Date (0:30)
This date is set by the admin and notes the date the release will be active

Products/Groups (0:35)
The amount of products in the release is listed here, along with a list of groups included in the release. If a group is included but not yet set up that will be noted here.

Packages (0:54)
Here the packages in the release will be listed along with their status. There are links taking you directly to packages with a certain status.

Batches (1:06)
The batches card gives you an overview of how many batches have been created in the release and their status.

Editing release (1:15)