In the shipping settings for your tier you'll determine the frequency and also your shipping rates. Here you can determine if there will be shipping incentives for club releases and online store purchases. You can also set any additional shipping surcharges if they apply.  

In this article 

  • Shipping frequency
  • Shipping and Web Shipping type
  • Collecting shipping information
  • Surcharges
  • Delivery options

Shipping frequency

This is how often members of this tier will be receiving wine. Most clubs are either quarterly or three times a year. 

Shipping and Web Shipping type

These settings determine the shipping rates your members will receive. Maybe you want club orders to be free but additional orders that members place to use the standard rates from your store. Here is where you create those settings. 

Collect shipping information

This setting determines whether or not you will require a shipping address at sign up. 


If your business needs to add shipping surcharges on your club orders this setting is for you. Once selected you'll see additional options to add in shipping surcharges for either residential or commercial addresses.

Delivery options

Here you decide how the members of this tier will be able to receive their orders. This choice will impact the sign up form. If you decide that members can only receive orders via shipping then the pick up option won't be displayed when a member signs up. The opposite will occur if only shipping is selected.