Each tier may need to be described differently to your members. Additionally, the visibility of certain features can be controlled so members can't interact with them, like changing their tier or selecting different preferences. 


Tier management

1. Checkbox to hide tier from members - controls whether members can see this tier in the Manage membership section of the customer account view. Members will not be able to update their information for this tier if checked. 

2. Checkbox to hide only tier preferences from members - controls whether members 

3. Manage membership button label - controls the link text for this tier in the My memberships section. The default text it 'Manage my membership'

4. Manage membership helper text - controls the helper text that shows up underneath the tier manage membership button in the My memberships section


Managae tier content

The content fields control the wording on the Membership App when your members are logged in. Update the default content as needed.