Scenario: We release wines twice a year in the Spring and Fall. We want to be able to provide our members with a transparent view of the membership release schedule for the year. 


  • Members know when billing & shipping will occur well in advance
  • Allows the winery to be proactive with inventory & communication
  • Lessen the amount of customer support emails & calls


Release Publishing & Unpublishing:
*release must be set up in order to publish or unpublish. view how to create a release.

To Publish:

  1. Withing the release admin view, you'll see RELEASE SETTINGS on the right hand column
  2. Click EDIT on Status
  3. To publish, select PUBLISHED status, then SAVE
  4. Click EDIT on Release Date
  5. In the dropdown date picker, select what date the release will be billed. Then SAVE

To Unpublish:

  1. Click EDIT on Status
  2. Under status, click SET UNPUBLISH DATE AND TIME
  3. To have all releases visible for the full year, set date for December 31, 11:59PM
  4. Click SAVE

After releases are published, members will be able to see them in their account view. Note: To keep account view clean, we do not recommend publishing more than two releases at a time.

Learn more about membership tiers.