Shopify doesn't have a way to set explicit rules for what inventory location to use for order created by the Bloom Commerce Batching feature. Here are the two options:


Use Shopify's default routing rules

When orders are created using the Batching feature in Bloom Commerce, orders will be treated like online orders. The location will be determined by the order routing rules set in your Shipping & Delivery settings in Shopify. This can be challenging if you have a dedicated location for membership orders. 


Ignore inventory policies and manage inventory manually

By request, Bloom can turn on a feature that will tell the orders to ignore the inventory policies for the products on the orders. This means:

  1. Inventory will not be deducted from products on the batch orders
  2. The fulfillment location that will be used for the order will be the location with the smallest ID where the products have available inventory. 
  3. Inventory will need to be manually updated after batch orders are run. Inventory counts can be found in Shopify reports, Bloom Commerce order reports or selection reports. 

This can also be challenging, as inventory needs to manually updated and likely won't be 100% accurate, and the location used on the order might be unexpected.