Once customers have started purchasing their packages and have requested wishes, it's time to start granting wishes. Navigate to the Edit Release view, scroll down to the bottom and click the "Manage Wishes" button. This will show you a list of all packages within the release where customers have requested wishes for at least 1 product.


Granting wishes in bulk

When viewing the list of all packages with wish requests, use the filters to scope the list to just the specific customer package line items you wish to grant. Click the check boxes to select all of the line items you wish to grant wishes for, and then chose Actions > Grant wishes from the drop-down tool. The next screen will show you an overview of your selections, and allow you to specify a Granted amount for each combination of product and requested amount.

Granting wishes individually

In addition to granting wishes in bulk, you can also click on individual packages to grant wishes individually on the Edit Package view. Simply enter the desired amount into the "Wishes (Granted)" column. Note: you can also modify the Requested amount on this view as well.


Notifying customers of granted wishes

After wishes have been granted, it's time to notify customers so they can complete the purchase of their additional product. Using the same "Manage wishes" page that was used to grant the wishes, you can once again filter and select the specific package line items you wish to include in the notification. After you select the line items, chose Actions > Send wishes granted email. On the next screen you can customize the subject and body of the email before sending. Fill out the fields and then click the "Send email" button to notify customers and give them the opportunity to purchase their wishes.