The products in your release are what your members will be receiving when their orders are created. By adding and editing these products you can adjust what is available to them. 

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Adding a product

When a release is first created it doesn't include any products. To add products, simply click on the 'Add products' button in the product list. Using the product picker you can search or scroll through your products to select the ones you want to include in the release. Once you've added products to the release, you can proceed to create the packages that your members will receive.

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Note: Once a product is included in a package it cannot be removed, however it can be replaced by a different product. 

Editing products 

At times, you may need to modify a product that has already been added to a release. In such cases, Bloom provides you with two options: you can either remove the product altogether or replace it with a different one. Note that if the product is already included in a package, you won't be able to delete it; instead, you must choose to replace it with another product.