When demand for your products is high enough and/or you have limited stock available, you might be forced to limit the amount of product that can be allocated to customer packages. Enabling Wishes allows your customers to indicate that they wish to purchase product beyond those limits. This can be useful when you are trying to sell all of the product you have in stock, as it allows you to grant wishes until all of it has been purchased.


In this article

  • Types of wishes
  • Enabling wishes
  • Viewing wishes
  • Granting wishes


Types of wishes

Standard wishes allows customers to request specific quantities of specific products. The customer is able to not only indicate which product they would like to purchase, but also how much. Just like with the regular package line items, you are able to define quantity limits on how much the customer is able to wish for.

Simple wishes allows the customer to simply indicate that they would like to be notified of additional available product. This is useful when you are not sure how much product you will have available after the initial allocation, and would like to keep a more freeform system for allocating additional product to customers.


Enabling and setting up wishes (Standard or Simple)

After you have finished setting up your release, you can enable wishes by clicking "Edit" in the "Wishlist" box on the sidebar. Chose the type of wishes you would like to offer (Standard or Simple), and click the save button.

If you choose to offer Simple wishes, there's nothing more for you to do. For Standard wishes, you will now see new columns have been added to the package management screens. Now, when editing the default package for a specific release group, you are able to define the "Wish min/max" for every line item, in addition to the "min/max" value for the initial package allocation.


Viewing wishes (Standard)

View all of your customer's wish requests across your entire release on the Manage wishes page.


Granting wishes (Standard)

After customers have purchased their initial allocation and indicated requested wish amounts, it's time to start Granting wishes.