There are a few different reasons you might want to create a tier; maybe you want to create a new club with updated discounts and shipping rates. Another reason would be that you have some sought after products that you are looking to allocate to members. Tiers can be created for either a traditional club style or an allocation model 


Creating a tier

Once created, you can add members to the tier. You can then the add in tier level discounts that will apply to club and online store orders. The tier level is also where you will create shipping policies for these members. 


Tier Types

There are two types of tiers that you can create, traditional or allocation. 


A traditional tier is one where the member is obligated to purchase the products in their membership package. Traditional tiers can be set up to be either customizable or not. With customized packages a member can create their own package from a list of products you provide. The other option would be to create predetermined packages for the members of the tier. 

Whichever option you choose a traditional tier will be charged via a batching process where all included members will be charged for their packages at the same time. This type of tier requires a member to provide billing information and a shipping preference.  


An allocation tier is one where the member is provided a list of products that have been allotted to them and they have the option to purchase but not the obligation. Typically this allocation period is only open for a set amount of time and once over the allocation is closed and no more purchases can be made. With customers in this tier, once they select their products they will then make their purchase through the Shopify store check out. 

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